What is vision? Do you have vision for your business? Do you understand it, support it, live it? At Goanna Cycling our vision is:

Inspire Motivate Stimulate Innovate

That is just a bunch of words I can hear the cynics saying. To them, possibly it is, but to us it is what gives purpose to our business. The vision is what we are trying to achieve. They are the things that motivate us every morning to get out of bed and do work.

I get out of bed for the money!

I work to fund my leisure!

Or that famous statement attributed to a super model:

I don’t get out of bed for anything less than ten thousand dollars.

If it is just the money, then you need to consider your personal vision and consider a new path. I happily put my hand up and admit to saying some of these things. I wish I was able to say the last! Can I also tell you that when I became serious about those statements I made a change. I sought to find a new option. My path was not aligned to my personal vision.

Now back to the original questions. If you don’t understand it, or support it seek out someone in your organisation that can explain it to you. Ask them if they support it! Learn to support the vision. And then live it!

If you are not living it, one day you will be found out and the consequences may not be of your choosing.

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