Asset Management

We help you manage your assets and provide you with sound solutions that focus on increasing your profitability and improve your customer engagements. From end-to-end transformation capabilities to improve your financial stability, outsourcing, and business restructuring, CED Consultants guide you to successful asset management.

Business Planning

In order for you to make sound and reasonable decisions for your company, it is vital to perform a crucial analysis of your brand’s current status. From your past results and your current status, our consultants produce strategic insights for the future of your business. With our business management consulting, we help brands support C-level financial decision-making processes. From profitability management to future profit simulation, CED Consultants are aware of your requirements to construct precise solutions for plan implementation.

Plant & Fleet Governance

Plant and Fleet Asset Management is often not structured or given the same focus as the high value asset classes such as roads, water and wastewater.  This was the case for the first client that engaged CED Consultants to develop this package.   The client was an amalgamation of 6 distinct organisations into one new entity.  Each of the previous organisations had different rules and policies for all things Plant and Fleet Management.   The Plant and Fleet Manager was, at the time, a 20 year plus veteran of Plant and Fleet Management with a competent team, but they acknowledged they were not “managing”.

Strategy & Planning

Our expertise in strategic management services positions your business for disruptive growth and financial strength while strengthening your core foundation. We help brands like yours build a roadmap towards success through proper project planning, implementation, financial and risk management, and contract management.

Local Government Strategic Management

The increasing complexity of management within the local government sector is proving a challenge for managers and councillors all over Australia. There are many areas that must be considered including sustainability, financial management and employee satisfaction. A clear strategic plan targeted to the needs of local government needs to address open lines of communication as the first step. We can help create a strategic plan that will boost the organisation’s productivity and morale. 

Utility Strategic Management

CED Consultants has over 30 years of experience encompassing projects and operations in government, small business, medium business and corporate enterprise in management and delivery roles. Each role required the skills of management, problem analysis, risk and issues management, requirements analysis and solutions development, communicating with politicians, executives, managers, and operational personnel. CED Consultancy highlights include the successful delivery of a number of multi-million dollar programs (including organisational change programs and infrastructure delivery programs), extensive business improvement implementations, policy and reporting frameworks integrations.  

Project & Program Management

As a leader in project management consulting, CED Consultants helps businesses and organisations improve performance with proven project management consulting and time-tested approaches that have been implemented in many organisations.

Executive Coaching

Business coaching is a vital part of helping you and the members of your organization to come up with solutions that take your business to the next step. From end-to-end planning and execution, CED Consultants business coaching services secure better traction and profitability for your brand.

Team Excellence Development

Have you ever experienced a High Performance Team? It is exhilarating! High Performance Teams are not created and happen, it is up to the team members and leadership to achieve a High Performance Team.   CED Consultants has developed a program of structured workshops utilising the approach developed by Tony Wilson MBA BSC, a well-known professional business and sporting performance mentor.   The framework is detailed in his book “Jack and the team that couldn’t see” (ISBN: 9781921787102).   The workshops are a facilitated program lead initially by CED Consultants, with the team ultimately taking the ownership of the workshops, with the intent they take the strategies and approaches to their own team.  High Performance Team create High Performance Teams.  CED Consultants has built this program to be a catalyst to start our clients on the journey.

Performance Management

Actively implement short-term strategies for long-term growth. CED Consultants performance management solutions help you constantly monitor and analyze feedback to establish a successful creation of corporate value. Leverage communication across all members fo your organisation and work towards your company’s long-term vision.  The CED Consultants SPPM Methodology can help to make measures work in your organisation.

Financial Management

Efficiently designing and constructing a sound and stable financial system is another business fundamental you should not overlook. Analyzing your financial history and information, CED Consultants help you establish financial consistency and gain professional advice on building a versatile structure enabling the sales system to focus on its lucrative purpose.

Our professional-grade help your brand focus on creating and managing enterprise value. We assist you with formulating the most strategic, tactical and operational decisions through extensive collaboration with the audit, IT and risk management specialists.

Leadership Consultancy

Mold and upskill potential leaders to strengthen your operations. Take your business a step higher for helping your leaders manage your operations smoothly with the help of leadership workshops. Bridge the gap between your workforce and come up with collaborative platforms to help your team work closely.


At CED Consultants we are happy to discuss your individual requirements. Please contact our office via email and we will arrange discuss your opportunities with you.