About Us

Established in 2001, CED Consultants has provided quality services for clients. Over time, we have enhanced our knowledge and experience and now offer a comprehensive service to our clients. Our principals are qualified in Information Technology, Psychology, and Rehabilitation Counseling. We call on others where their speciality suits the client delivery need to achieve quality outcomes. CED Consultants is the Trading Name of our parent company Goanna Cycling Pty Ltd.

Take advantage of the extensive experience of our team in the Federal, State & Local Government Arenas.

The value of assets in an organisation are substantial, we can help add value to your fleet

Executive Coaching to new Executives or Executives that need an external third party view.


At CED Consultants we are happy to discuss your individual requirements. Please contact our office via email and we will arrange discuss your opportunities with you.


At CED Consultants we don’t just rely on our own people but partner with organisations that bring their own level of expertise and knowledge. Our partners include Asset Management, Financial Strategies, Maintenance Planning, Operational Works and Planning organisations.


Did you know that 14% of startups are forced to got out of business because of bad leadership and poor management?

Outstanding leadership is formed out of ideas and brilliant mindsets put into work. With our consultants’ extensive experience helping various business scales leverage their collaborative strategies, it is proven how high qualified consultancy can change the course of leadership. Dedicating years of research, observation, development and acquiring education, we provide client with a pioneering use of feedback-based leadership development.

Executive coaching is one of the proven most effective tools to catapult leadership into tenth-fold success. We believe that coaching unlocks limitless possibilities into achieving more business goals

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Professional Omni-Channel Coaching Integration

Whatever medium serves you the best convenience, we adapt highly to your demands. Providing coaching to your most preferred date and schedule, our team of highly-skilled leadership coaches ensures that every workshop and leadership training is done smoothly to deliver expected results.

Reliable Specialist Sworn-by Industry Leaders

Dedicating years of cumulative experience in training teams and businesses into approaching their targets, our coaching professionals have perfected the craft of educating people to move forward. Assessing your business’ situation from the core, understanding your struggles in the workplace, and helping you resolve them- we know how camaraderie is crucial in professionalism.

Tailor Fit Solutions Designed Specifically To Your Needs

We celebrate your progress as much as you do (or should). Our team flexibly adapts to your organization’s specific demands. This makes us capable of handling startups and large-scale coaching and development projects. Formulating solutions and approach that applies to your workforce and in sync with your business objectives, we understand how unique and valuable your needs are.

Transparent Assessments and Feedbacks

Know your workforce strengths, capabilities and explore more rooms for improvement with the help of our coaching professionals. We help you identify the risks and threats of having an imbalance in your workforce, and help you mitigate them. Our professionals proactively prescribe you with solutions to handle situations and obtain the best possible resolutions.

Real-Time Reporting and Progress Update

Track your progress and get professional-grade feedback from our highly skilled people. We provide you top-notch guidance to our step-by-step consultation process until we reach your desired results. Helping businesses achieve leadership and team camaraderie, we know what it takes to improve your operations to a more streamlined ladder to success.


CED Consultants has dedicated years in perfecting the craft of strategic,  high impact business case development.    With an experience crafting detailed and meticulous business plan for organizations, our professionals have acquired high-grade skills to help you achieve your gaols and outcomes.

Whether you are a startup, a corporation or a mid-sized business wanting to elevate your operation’s success, we are here to walk you through your leadership essentials.

CED Consultants boasts its collective experience in creating an end-to-end business plan for Profit/Cost Centres. CED Consultants also develops high-performing policy and management guideline frameworks for clients.   Apart from providing cutting-edge philosophies in executive coaching, CED Consultants also helps clients in strategic development, change management, business process reengineering and financial strategies.

CED Consultants provide you with holistic management consultancy to help your brand move forward.   Book a call with us and let’s start leveraging your business leadership.