34% of startups went out of business because of lack of traction.

Are you struggling to keep your operations running smoothly?

It’s a sign you might need help from professional business coaches. With the help of professional business coaching, your brand sets goals in greater clarity and work on ways to maximize results. Regardless if you are strategizing your next business move, or you’re slowly pivoting your way to expanding- business coaching is a vital tool to help you keep success in your most desirable pace.

Business coaching is a vital part of helping you and the members of your organization to come up with solutions that take your business to the next step. From end-to-end planning and execution, CED Consultants business coaching services improves traction and profitability for your brand.

Why Trust Us For Your Business Coaching Needs?

Proven Prowess Applied To Numerous Businesses

Invest in the growth and development of your brand and workforce by utilizing business coaching workshops from CED Consultants. With over 30 years of experience helping startups and failing businesses get back to traction, our coaching has helped leverage both business profitability and financial stability.

With our experience working with various industries across a myriad of niche- we help clients withstand the changing course of their market and competition.

Targetted Small Business Coaching

Our consultants understand the small steps startups take in order to secure steady progress. With an expert working knowledge business scales of all sizes, we help small clients attain success even within financial constraints. Tailor-fitting solutions to the allocated budget, ensuring all targets are met within a strict timeframe, and proactively formulating solutions to eliminate threats, we help startups evolve into stronger, financially-stable businesses.

Specific Solutions Formulated for Disruptive Growth

Whether you are attempting to pivot your business towards a new model or restructuring your brand to achieve maximum growth- our coaches take you by the hand to help you elevate your branding.

We value clear statistical evidence of your bottom-line value, basing success into your ROI and overall conversions. CED Consultants business coaches work with you hand in hand to achieve your targets efficiently.

Fine-Tuned Approach For Various Industries

Our business coaches inspired and propelled the growth of different brands across numerous industries.

Equipping brands with working knowledge of business management through finances, risk elimination, business planning, and growth-hacking, our business coaches understand how your market’s demand shifts over time.

Without the one-size-fits-all solution, CED Consultants carefully assess your business needs and pitfalls. We then develop solutions that address your demands, shaping your path to further success.

Years of Practice and Expertise For Your Business

CED Consultants has dedicated years in perfecting the craft of strategic, professional business case development. With an experience crafting detailed and meticulous business plans for organizations, our team have acquired high-grade skills to help you achieve your outcomes.

Whether you are a startup corporation or a mid-sized business wanting to elevate your operation’s success, we are here to walk you through your leadership essentials.

CED Consultants boasts its collective experience in creating an end-to-end business plan for Profit/Cost Centres. CED Consultants has extensive experience developing high-performing policy and management guideline frameworks for Local Government Clients. Apart from providing cutting-edge philosophies in executive coaching, CED Consultants also helps brands in strategic development, change management, business process reengineering and asset financial management.

CED consultants provide you with holistic business consultancy to help our clients to move forward. Book a call with us and let’s start leveraging your business leadership.


At CED Consultants we are happy to discuss your individual requirements. Please contact our office via email and we will arrange discuss your opportunities with you.