What do you do now. Yes you have a degree but does that make you employ able? Well yes it does! But where do you start?

You should have been going to the graduate programs offered by the companies to see what their programs were about. I know you have spent all that time “learning” and you just want a break. Something will happen, right?

I wish! You have to make it work!!!! You will get back what you put in. And when you land that first job, there are no dumb questions. If your not sure ask!

The worst that can happen is you get snapped at. But that will be better than loosing your job because you made a major stuff up because you did the wrong thing. Don’t be afraid to to ask.

And lastly, have confidence in your ability. You have won the job because your boss saw capability in you. Don’t over step the mark but offer solutions the problems or tasks. Your brain is just as good as mine! Yeah it might have been tried before but you won’t know and it is the only way for you to find out.

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