Asset Management Consultancy

Infrastructure Asset Management is a key competency for our team.   We are specialist in the development of Asset Plans, Asset Planning and Practice reviews.  Our preference is to use the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) as out primary guide.   The IIMM has been written to align to the requirements of ISO 55 000, the industry standard for Asset Management.

CED Consultants pride ourselves on using contemporary approaches to asset management rather than just the known techniques.   As a consultant we need to find alternate paths for our client to gain efficiency, reduce expenditure, and gain maximum benefit from our clients investments.

Why Trust CED Consultants in Your Asset Management Needs?

Proactive Risk Management

CED Consultants coaches development of forward-looking risk and return assumptions for your business. Through the use of historical data, accurate forecasting technique, trend-chasing behavior, and professional working knowledge, we help your business leverage through a wiser investment decision.

CED Consultants continuously monitor each and every element of your program and scrutinize pain points to avoid impending issues that could impact your performance. This way, you are ensured that your risks and threats are eliminated.


At CED Consultants we are happy to discuss your individual requirements. Please contact our office via email and we will arrange discuss your opportunities with you.