SPPM Methodology - Making Performance Measure Work

The intention of the SPPM Methodology is to reduce the likelihood or risk of unintended consequences and reduce the ability to manipulate the measure.   Like any process, if you put in the effort at the design stage, the final outcome is always better.

SPPM Methodology is a structured approach to Performance Measure design and management.   We are all either trained, accredited, certified or a practitioner in some sort of structured approach, framework or methodology.  If not, then at the very least we have heard of these programs.   SPPM Methodology is formed  using the CED Consultants experiences, qualifications and training  in these programs.

CED Consultants advocates what we define as “Structured Common Sense”.   Common sense is often overlooked.  The more complex the argument it seems to have a higher level of acceptance.   We deliver the complex everyday at an equivalent cost.  Instead, return to the simple.   Stop, analyse, consider, define,  then do work.   Structured Common Sense!  SPPM is a Structured Common Sense method or framework to guide the Performance Measures process.

Core to the SPPM Methodology is the use of ”SMART” criteria (the ‘S’ in SPPM).   A set of tests to  question the Performance Measure.  CED Consultants is not trying to “reinvent the wheel”, but build on known and trusted approaches.   The “PARSE” criteria (the ’P’ of SPPM) of SPPM Methodology builds on the basis of SMART.   The cost and benefit of the Performance Measures are calculated to make informed decisions on adoption. 

These tests and considerations are added to guidance and action plans for the management of the Performance Measures for the lives of the measures, form the SPPM Methodology.   

Send us a note to sppm@cedconsultants.com.au if you would like to know more.  The slides at below show more of the concept and give a demonstration of the intent of the methodology.